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Nino’s Antipasto
Fresh grilled calamari and prawns, steamed mussels, mortadella, sausage pieces, meatballs, polenta chips, mini arancini, frittata, olives & pickled vegetables, fritters and bocconcini       17 pp (min 2 people)

Focaccia della Casa (v)
House baked focaccia served with black olive tapenade       7.50

Bruschetta Casalinga
Focaccia topped with fresh tomato, basil, black olives, red onion and olive oil       12.50

Calamari Marinati (gf)
Grilled marinated fresh calamari with olive oil, oregano, touch of garlic and chilli flakes (4p)       16.50

Fritelle di Carote e Mais (v)
Corn and carrot fritters served with aioli (4p)       15.50

Polpettine al Sugo
Braised lamb meatballs in tomato, basil topped with shaved pecorino cheese (4p)       14.50

Salsiccie e Polenta (gf)
Oven roasted bite size pieces of pork and fennel sausage served with grilled polenta wedge (8p)        13.50

Trippa in Umido (gf)
Slow cooked ox tripe with borlotti beans, onion, white wine, bay leaf and tomato        14.5

Zuppa del Giorno (v)
Soup of the day        13.5


Paccheri Amatriciana
Large tubular pasta with smoked bacon, onion, a touch of fresh chili, and tomato       17.50  /  27.50

Orecchiette e Broccoli (v)
Ear shaped pasta served with broccoli, capers, touch of anchovy, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and finished with shaved pecorino cheese       16.50  /  26.50

Risotto Lenticchie e Pancetta (gf)
Arborio rice with lentils, pancetta, spinach and aged asiago cheese        17.50  /  27.50

Fettucine Saltate (v)
Fettucine with sautéed mushroom, garlic, touch of cream, spinach and aged parmigiano       16.50  /  26.50

Spaghetti Pescatora
Spaghetti tossed with fresh prawn, scallop, mussels,
fish fillet, garlic, tomato & basil       18.50 / 28.50

Penne alla Sangiovannino
Wholemeal penne with Napoli sauce, basil finished with crumbled salted ricotta       17.50 / 27.50

Gnocchi Ragu
Homemade potato gnocchi in a traditional slow cooked Wagyu beef, tomato and red wine sauce       17.50 / 27.50

(All main courses come with a mixed leaf salad)

Casoletta D’anatra
Slow cooked duck leg with pork sausages, cannellini beans, onion,
potato, fresh tomato and topped with herbed breadcrumbs       38.50

Filetto del Giorno (gf)
Fresh fish fillet lightly seasoned and grilled, served with a
lemon zest and parsley gremolata with roast potatoes       38.50

Capretto al Forno
Braised goat in onion, rosemary and tomato sauce served with grilled polenta       37.50

Bistecca alla Griglia
Grilled Warrnambool prime eye-fillet (250g) and plated with a rich red wine, thyme reduction and sweet potato mash       39.50

Scallopine di Vitello
Veal medallions sautéed with Portobello mushrooms, sage and white wine, alongside roasted potatoes       35.50

Caponata Gratinata (v) (gf)
Gratinated mixed vegetables in a baking dish with Napoli sauce, mozzarella and basil       29.50

Pancetta di Maiale
Murray Valley sea salt rubbed pork belly served with mash potato and caramelised onion reduction       37.50


Patate Schiacciate
Creamy mash potato and parsley
Patate Arrostite
Roasted potatoes with fresh herbs
Insalate Estiva
Mixed leaves, tomato, onion, olives and Italian dressing
Polenta alla Griglia
Grilled polenta wedges with aioli
Verdure Trifolate
Seasonal vegetables sautéed in garlic and olive oil
Spinaci in Padella
Sautéed spinach, olive oil, lemon wedge                                                     


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